Newsletter 01 – Load Testing

As part of ongoing safety initiatives; we have introduced 45° short struts to the lower frame of the 1200 system and diagonal braces when the 1200 system is used above 1800mm platform level, to provide increased stability to the systems. This resulted in the load bearing capacity of the SafeStand® Access System being retested by Lloyds British Testing Facilities at the end of June 2005.

“The Results Are Phenomenal”




In all a load of 5000kg (5 tonne) was applied to both the 1200 system (utilising the diagonal brace) and the 800 system at maximum extensions. This resulted in a load on each stand of 2500kg (2.5 tonne) which when factored by a safety factor of 2.5, as required by BS 1139, each stand has been given a SWL (safe working load) of 1000kg (1 tonne).