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Newsletter 11 – Surestand® 500

Following the huge success of the SureStand® 800 system, SafeStand® Access Systems are proud to announce the launch of the SureStand® 500 System. This product maintains all the characteristics of the SafeStand® Access Systems whilst continuing the theme of weight reduction. Extensive on site product testing has been completed and the feedback from the workplace has been exceptional. The new system will give platform heights… read more

Newsletter 10 – SafeStand® Lorry Fleet

SafeStand® Ltd have utilised the “Tried & Tested” principle of its SafeStand® Handrails and the SafeStand® Advanced Guardrail technique to ensure the well being and safety of its employee’s when loading and unloading SafeStand® Access Equipment. DID YOU KNOW? SafeStand® generally provides a next day delivery service but guarantee delivery within 48 hours of receipt of order; if required. SafeStand® utilise their… read more

Newsletter 09 – SureStand® Gate

In keeping with our ongoing tradition of constantly improving our SafeStand® Access Systems we are pleased to announce that we have now developed a SureStand® Access Gate for our lightweight system. DID YOU KNOW? SafeStand® generally provides a next day delivery service but guarantee delivery within 48 hours of receipt of order; if required. SafeStand® utilise their own fleet of delivery vehicles to service your needs throughout… read more

Newsletter 08 – Improved SureStand®

As a result of our ongoing assessment and product development regime at SafeStand®, we have now upgraded the performance of our SureStand® Access System. Elements of SureStand® have been modified so that there is no longer a requirement for the stabilisers to be used on this (lightweight) system. Revised colour coding has been utilised to identify the updated version, the colour for the new stand is now yellow (old version… read more

Newsletter 07 – Lorry Edge Protection

One of the major topics of discussion/focus this year (2008) with regards to safety on site has been the matter of edge protection to vehicles during loading or unloading operations. This issue was specifically highlighted in the “New Working at Height Regulations 2005” which were introduced on 6th April 2005. SafeStand® Access Systems have been used successfully on a number of contracts to resolve the matter of edge protection… read more

Newsletter 06 – SafeStand® Staircase

SafeStand® have over recent months, been developing a staircase to use in conjunction with SafeStand® 1200 system. The result is a fold flat staircase with handrails that can be used with SafeStand Access Platforms at a height of 1340mm to 2200mm. The SafeStand® Staircase has been designed along the same principles as all SafeStand® equipment such that no tools are required to erect or dismantle the system. It is a two man… read more

Newsletter 05 – SafeStand® Gate

SafeStand® have developed a self-closing, gravity hinged gate suitable for use with SafeStand® Access Systems. The gate operates utilising a gravity swing hinge. This ensures that the gate “fails safe” to the closed position. The arrangement of gate and latch mechanism ensures that even when not “latched”, the gate does not open out from the work platform. This new addition to SafeStand® Access Systems follows the same… read more

Newsletter 04 – SureStand®

New Product! New Product! We are pleased to announce the launch of SURESTAND® PLATFORM HEIGHTS FROM 840mm TO 1340mm SAFE WORKING LOAD OF 800KG PER STAND STEEL BOX SECTIONS PROVIDING STRONG BUT LIGHT WEIGHT ACCESS SYSTEM This product has all the design and technical advantages of SafeStand® combined with a strong but lightweight product. SureStand® Access Systems are only available from SafeStand® Ltd. read more

Newsletter 03 – Anti- Flip Brackets

Following visits to various sites, it has become apparent that on occasion anti-flip brackets are not always being used correctly, thus creating the potential for an accident to occur. The anti-flip bracket has been specifically designed to provide support to the end of each scaffold board where it overhangs the SafeStand® Unit and butts up to the adjacent fleet of boards. This does away with the traditional lapping of boards… read more

Newsletter 02 – SafeStand® Corners

Are you aware that SafeStand® Access Systems can be erected around corners? It can be utilised on both internal and external corners. SafeStand® have added a “Mini Guardrail” to the list of components which; whilst not required in every corner set up; allows you the flexibility to erect the working platform around a corner whilst maintaining the requirement for fully guarded leading edges. The width of the anti-flip bracket… read more


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