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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the SafeStand® design comply with the “Working at Height Regulations 2005”?

Yes it is fully compliant, for information on the regulations please refer to  the HSE Work at Height Brief Guide.

2. What is maximum height of working platform?

SafeStand® comes in three different starting heights. The platforms range in height from 540mm to 2210mm dependent on which system you select.  View pages 11, 12 & 13 of the catalogue here.

3. Can SafeStand® be used to form a platform in or around a corner?

Yes, it is simple to erect a return with SafeStand®, an additional component, the Mini Guardrail, is required to form these returns, please refer to page 7 of the catalogue. The benefit of the SafeStand® system is that no lapping of boards is required at the corners thus doing away with the traditional “scaffolders lap” and avoiding having a trip hazard on the working platform. View page 7 of the catalogue here.

4. What measurement is the gap between guardrails?

The “Working at Height Regulations 2005” stipulates that any gap between guardrails shall not exceed 470mm. The actual gap between top and mid-guardrail on the SafeStand® system is 360mm and the gap between the mid-guardrail and toeboard measures 435mm.

5. What is the overall height of the guardrails above the working platform?

The overall height of the guardrails is 1030mm above the working platform, which complies with “The New Working at Height Regulations 2005”.

6. What is the maximum spacing between stands?

SafeStand® units are to be placed at a maximum of 1200mm apart. View page 7 of the catalogue here.

7. Can brickguards be used with the system?

Brickguards can be used with the system; as there are so many different types available you will need to check to satisfy yourself that the type you select does fit. Brickguards are available for sale from SafeStand® Ltd.

8. How much SafeStand® do I need to order?

Generally if you have used bandstands in the past you will need the same quantity of SafeStands® as you did bandstands. If you discuss your needs with our office we can, in the majority of instances, give sufficient advice over the phone. If required we can arrange for a site visit to give on site advice.

9. What ground conditions are required to use SafeStand® safely?

SafeStand® is designed to be used on solid, level ground.

10. What is the maximum unsupported distance that a scaffold board may overhang the support?

A high quality scaffold board such as those supplied by SafeStand® can oversail the supporting member by 4 times the thickness of the board, i.e. 4 x 38mm = 152mm

11. At what angle should I install the ladder?

Current guidelines stipulate that ladders should be installed at an angle of 1 in 4 or 75°. They must also be securely tied/fixed to prevent the ladder moving during use.

12. Where can I get SafeStand® from?

You can order safeStand through our website by clicking here.

13. How can I open an account?

This is very simple, just complete the attached form and send to the above office.  Click here to go to  the Account Application Form.

14. What is the maximum load that SafeStand® can take?

Each stand has got a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 1 Tonne or 1000kgs. SureStand® has a slightly lower load capacity with each stand capable of taking 800kgs.

15. Can I use SafeStand® to construct external walls?

Although SafeStand® was designed principally for the construction of internal blockwork walls, it can be utilised for any application including constructing external walls provided that there are suitable ground conditions.

16. What length scaffold boards do SafeStand® supply?

A full range of standard length scaffold boards are available from SafeStand® Ltd. Standard lengths are: 13’ (3.9m), 10’ (3.0m), 8’ (2.4m), 6’ (1.8m) and 5’ (1.5m). We can also supply scaffold boards pre-cut to the correct lengths to suit end toeboards and to suit your access point onto the platform.

17. How much does SafeStand® cost?

Give us a call on +44 (0)208 795 3579 and we will provide you with a project specific quotation.


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