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SafeStand® Testing

Technical Specification

All load testing to the relevant British Standards has been, and continues to be independently carried out by Lloyds British.

Load Testing SafeStand® Access Systems:

SafeStand® systems were tested by Lloyds British to BS 1139 Part 4 1982; they were subsequently found to have exceeded this requirement.

In all a load of 5000kg (5 tonne) was applied to both the 1200 system (utilising the diagonal brace) and the 800 system at maximum extensions. This resulted in a load on each stand of 2500kg (2.5 tonne) which when factored by a safety factor of 2.5, as required by BS 1139, each stand has been given a SWL (safe working load) of 1000kg (1 tonne) and have been issued with a Lloyds British stamp of approval.

Handrail Testing SafeStand® Systems:

In addition the SafeStand® Systems were tested for compliance to BS EN 13374: 2004, Temporary Edge Protection Systems, class A. Again this testing was independently carried out by Lloyds British. The testing produced results that demonstrated that the SafeStand® handrails could take loads of more than three times the requirement of the above British Standard. Lloyds British stated that the SafeStand® system surpasses all current requirements and, subject to specification conformity, the system was issued with a Lloyds British stamp of approval.

SureStand® Access Systems:

Like the SafeStand® Systems, SureStand® was independently tested by Lloyds British and again surpassed the requirements of all current British Standards.

Should you require copies of any of the test certificates, or any other information about the specification of SafeStand® Access Equipment, please contact our office to discuss your requirements.

Lloyds British 1200 Load Test Certificate

Test Report No. 582305498


Lloyds British SureStand Load Test Certificate

Test Report No. 582304088/1


Lloyds British Handrail Test Certificate

Test Report No. 582303698



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