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Patent Protection

The ‘SafeStand®’ system is based on an idea originally developed by a builder for use in his own business. As such, the design has been proven to meet the demands required of on-site construction uses and incorporates a wealth of design refinements developed over the years.  From the onset SafeStand® Ltd engaged the services of one of the most widely respected patent and trademark attorney practices in London to assist with the protection of its intellectual property rights.

The uniqueness of this system has been recognised by a grant of patents in accordance with the Patents Act 1977 with further Patents pending.  SafeStand® Ltd have always rigorously ensured that all elements of their unique access systems are protected by UK, Ireland, European and International patents.

UK Patent Nos. GB2364733, GB2378978,GB2415225, GB2421538, GB2415223, GB2420821, GB2421050, GB2420822, GB1660738, & GB Patent App. Nos. 2447420

Ireland:                                      S84256, S84257, 84695, 1660738
Belgium:                                                               1700972, 1660738
Denmark:                                                             1700972, 1660738
Finland:                                                                1700972, 1660738
France:                               1700972, 1660738, App. No. 1700973
Germany:                           1700972, 1660738, App. No. 1700973
Italy:                                                                      1700972, 1660738
Luxembourg:                                                       1700972, 1660738
Monaco:                             1700972, 1660738, App. No. 1700973
Netherlands:                                                        1700972, 1660738
Poland:                                                                  1700972, 1660738
Portugal:                                                               1700972, 1660738
Spain:                                                                    1700972, 1660738
Sweden:                                                                1700972, 1660738
Switzerland:                                                         1700972, 1660738

PCT: 2005/124057, App. No. WO2008/110812

Community Design Reg. No.312145- 0001/5, 354717-0001/5, 229349-0001 (All EU Member States).

UK Trade Mark Reg. No. 2352394

Community Trade Mark No. 3872611 (All EU Member States) & No. 5128871 (All EU Member States).

European Patent App. Nos. 1696084, 1700973

USA Patent App. No. 11/630174

New Zealand Patent App. No. 551992

Canada Patent App. No. 2570528

China Patent App. No. 1989309

Australia Patent App. No. 2005254758

Trademarks Registration Certificate

SafeStand’s Registration Certifiicates


Patent GB2421050

Certificate of Grant of Patent- Patent No.GB2421050


Patent GB2420822

Certificate of Grant of Patent- GB2420822


European Patent Certificate

European Certificate of Grant of Patent- Patent No. 1660738


Ireland Patent S84257

Certificate of Grant of a Patent- Specification No: S84257



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